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About Us

NYS Enterprises is a team of driven individuals passionate about taking care of our customers’ properties and treating them as if they were our own. We do this by taking an individualized approach, learning about each client’s budgets, property specifications, and asphalts’ intended use, and designing a plan unique to them. When you work with us, you can rest assured that we’ll take the time to get to know you and figure out how to serve you best. Our goal is to do right by our customers, ensuring we provide comprehensive asphalt solutions and high-quality workmanship, all at the best possible price.

NYS Enterprises is  the best choice when looking for asphalt paving companies near me

Asphalt requires proper maintenance to ensure its longevity, and we offer custom maintenance packages on all completed projects. Proper maintenance is one of the most important steps that you can take to ensure the longevity of your asphalt. Our team will recommend the best maintenance plan for your project and save you from the hassle of seeking out maintenance at a later date- instead, we’ll come to you. We save you the time and energy by budgeting for necessary repairs, saving your paving dollar in the long run.

Most companies are selling what they do and the equipment they have purchased or what they have learned over the years. While all of those things can go into a high quality project, that’s only the beginning. The intention and expertise of the company brings you value. We treat your lot like it is our own- we don’t sell you what we wouldn’t do for ourselves. The best bang for your dollar! Yes, we bring technique, equipment and accumulated knowledge to all of our projects, but it is the unseen, the intention and care, that truly creates the high quality service that we offer unlike anybody else in the industry.

Some of Our Satisfied Clients

Asphalt Maintenance Services

Asphalt Paving

Expertly paved asphalt with unmatched attention to detail.

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Curbing Installation

Pouring and restoring your curbing for great curb appeal.

Learn More

Crack Seal

Get ahead of asphalt damage by identifying it early.

Learn More

Winter Services

On-call care for your safety and asphalt year round.

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Sealcoat & Striping

Maximize your parking lot’s longevity and efficiency.

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Drainage Solutions

We go with the flow- and make sure all that water does too!

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Sports Courts

We repair and restore sports courts to keep your investment functional and beautiful.

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In-house concrete applications to meet your needs.

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Safety First- Liabilities Gone

ADA Compliance

We got you covered on the ever-changing regulations.

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We Fix Potholes

Dodge them all, or give us a call!

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Trip Hazards

Take the right steps to prevent falls!

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Trust NYS with your asphalt needs today!

The NYS Process

Most asphalt companies will go with a total removal and repave approach. There’s a reason we offer asphalt solutions, not just remove and repave! We look at a project from all angles to find the best solution. We are not your cookie cutter company. We approach your parking lot like it’s ours. There is not one approach that works for every lot and our company is built around this. There are more than 10 approaches, most companies have one. Our crews and our equipment handle it all.

Where other companies may suggest a removal and repave, we look out for your pocketbook and provide the most cost efficient solutions to all of your different needs.

What are the intentions for the property? What is the budget? What is the condition of the property? What is the intended use of the parking lot?

Identify all of the possible solutions then select the perfect solution for this particular parking lot’s circumstances.

  • Weather
  • Tenants Concerns
  • Communication
  • Proper People
  • Proper Equipment
  • Proper Materials

Produce a long-term quality product. Save time by not having to revisit the same problems over and over.

Our Clients Love Us

Kieran Browning

Nys enterprises is a great team to work for and with. As their foreman of the sealcoat and striping crew, I can tell you the owner truly cares about the quality and value of our work. We don’t just take care of your asphalt , we take care of you!

Zach Freimark

Nys enterprises recently did a project at one of my rental properties. They overlaid a large driveway with asphalt and did an awesome seal coat to really make it pop. They showed up and completed the job on time. A+ experience.

Brian Ducey

NYS and their staff were professional, thorough, and competitively priced. Our sealcoating job was done on time and looked great at completion. I would highly recommend them. Brian Ducey, Greenwood Avenue Cottages.

Jeff Sweazea

I have worked with Nys Enterprises (Steve and his team) since 2008 - approximately 15 projects. Projects have ranged in price from simple $5K jobs to much more complex $350K jobs.. Nys' pricing has always been fair, and their timeliness and quality of work have exceeded my expectations.

Dave Marx

We hired NYS Enterprises as a sub contractor, they pushed and got the job done on schedule despite unforeseen complications that came up. Their office staff were responsive and easy to work with as well.

Sheree HewittEverett Downtown Storage

We are the Small Guy. Nys Enterprises took care of our project like we are the Big Guy. We bid our work out in 2 visits, asphalt repair and resurfacing, weather dependent over the course of a few months. The outcome is clean and crisp through 3 270 foot driveways and an in/out gate with striping where called for, making the professional surface really stick out.

Guy P.

I would recommend this company to anyone...My driveway is the envy of the neighborhood!

Joanne List

Steve and Danyelle were extremely responsive, and worked within our budget. Their crew showed up on time, and were very professional and courteous. They did a great job, and our concrete patio is amazing! It's now a little oasis, right in our back yard!

Michael Wallace

One call does it all. These guys performed and communicated to ensure we received what we wanted. Our first project with them was on time and under budget. Will be a customer again for sure.

Pat G.

They were competent, attentive, and knew exactly what needed to be done to correct the problem. In addition, they were professional, lovely to work with, prompt, and communicative. They answered our calls, responded to all emails, and kept their commitment. I highly recommend them.

Tyrone Garay

The crew at NYS were superb! They were very professional and fast. Made our Church Parking lot POP! They sealed and redesigned the stripping, and gave us great ideas to improve our flow.

Joe Monterrojas

Thank you Nys team!! You’re professionalism and quality of work is much appreciated. You completed a job that was taking others a long time to just call me back and give me a quote. You guys came down, quoted me and finished the job in no time… you are the best!!!!

Nathan Hamilton

NYS did a wonderful job paving in the complex that i live in. Communication, workmanship, and scheduling was spot on. I would highly recommend NYS for your paving needs!!!


I highly recommend NYS and I work with multiple asphalt companies doing commercial and residential work. They communicate well.. Last year my client chose a different company to save very few dollars for a parking lot and it was a nightmare... Learned a lesson to stay with what you know is good, reliable and responsive.

Paul Swesey

Seal coated and striped our large downtown office complex. Coordinated parking with tenants and timed the job perfectly. Owner is EXTREMELY communicative... These guys are very reasonable and understand the complexities of PNW rainfall. This is a review one year after the completion of the job.

Randy W.

The resealed and re-striped parking lot looks better than I could have imagined and my tenants are extremely happy.

City of Edmonds

The new coated roadway will enhance and be appreciated by everyone visits the Edmonds Memorial Cemetery for years to come.

Jeff Sweazea

I have worked with Nys Enterprises since 2008 - approximately 15 projects. Nys' pricing has always been fair, and their timeliness and quality of work have exceeded my expectations.

Brian Ducey

NYS and their staff were professional, thorough, and competitively priced. Our sealcoating job was done on time and looked great at completion.

Leticia Carvalho

Really enjoyed to work with! The office and crew are very good and sure I would recommend to anyone.

Cyndi C.

We have a gorgeous asphalt driveway! I would not hesitate to refer them to any of my customers.

Barb Cummins

We are the Small Guy. Nys Enterprises took care of our project like we are the Big Guy.

Mary R.

Steve Nys came out to give an estimate within a day of my request. This would be a great company to work with if you have any construction jobs. I would recommend them highly.

We don’t just take care of your asphalt- we take care of you.