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Sport Court Installation Seattle

Time, weather, and heavy usage are all contributing factors to the wear and tear on your sports court. This takes a toll on its aesthetic appeal and also on its functionality. You may start tripping due to overgrown tree roots or be unable to play at all due to potholes and standing water. If these problems are all too familiar, it may be time for a new sports court. Allow NYS Enterprise to install a court worthy of gameplay for years to come. With our seamless installation process, you can expect a pristine new court installed on schedule and within budget.

Signs You Need a New Sports Court

There are a number of signs that indicate your sports court needs professional attention:

  • Uneven surfaces
  • Tree roots
  • Large cracks or potholes
  • Pools of standing water
  • Fading or discoloration
  • Mold or mildew growth

Why Install a Sports Court?

Create Lifelong Memories

From family basketball tournaments to friendly pickleball competitions, sports courts offer the opportunity to create lifelong memories with your loved ones.

Increased Home Value

Not only are sports courts fun for the whole family, but they are desirable among homebuyers. Installing a sports court will likely increase the overall value of the home.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

A high-quality sports court will greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of your property. Plus, it’s a great way to make use of otherwise wasted outdoor space.

What’s Included in Your New Sport Court

Duracourt Sport Coating

For finishing, we use a Duracourt sports coating. This high-quality acrylic latex finish protects your court against weather, fluctuating temperatures, and daily wear and tear.

High-Grade Marking Paint

For striping, we use the highest-grade sports marking paint. This ensures that your court lines are crisp, defined, and last for years without fading.

Quality Asphalt

Rest assured that our team will perform a flawless installation – using only the highest quality and techniques to ensure optimal durability and longevity.

Sport Court Striping

Even though plenty of fun can still be had on old, worn-out sports courts, faded or obstructed lines can make it difficult to get through a game. At NYS Enterprises, we offer professional asphalt striping for sports courts, helping to restore aesthetic appeal and improve functionality. Not only will crisp, clean lines immediately enhance the appearance of your sports court, but they will make calling plays and staying in bounds so much easier. Plus, we utilize high-grade marking paint to ensure they don’t fade over time.

Sport Court Repairs & Resurfacing

Repairing and maintaining your sports court on your own is not an easy feat. Attempting to do so may create further damage, cost you money, and cause unneeded stress. By leaving your sport court resurfacing and repair needs to a professional paving crew, you can ensure that whatever needs to be fixed is done ‌correctly and efficiently. Look to NYS Enterprises to fix potholes, cracks, and other foundational problems, restoring your court’s integrity and making it safe for gameplay.

Trust NYS with your sports court needs today!

Our Clients Love Us

Jeff Sweazea

I have worked with Nys Enterprises since 2008 - approximately 15 projects. Nys' pricing has always been fair, and their timeliness and quality of work have exceeded my expectations.

Randy W.

The resealed and re-striped parking lot looks better than I could have imagined and my tenants are extremely happy.

City of Edmonds

The new coated roadway will enhance and be appreciated by everyone visits the Edmonds Memorial Cemetery for years to come.

Brian Ducey

NYS and their staff were professional, thorough, and competitively priced. Our sealcoating job was done on time and looked great at completion.

Leticia Carvalho

Really enjoyed to work with! The office and crew are very good and sure I would recommend to anyone.

Guy P.

I would recommend this company to anyone...My driveway is the envy of the neighborhood!

Cyndi C.

We have a gorgeous asphalt driveway! I would not hesitate to refer them to any of my customers.

Barb Cummins

We are the Small Guy. Nys Enterprises took care of our project like we are the Big Guy.

NYS: Your One-Stop Shop for Sport Courts

When you choose NYS, you gain the advantage of working with an asphalt company that can handle all your sports court needs. From new installation to striping and resurfacing, we have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to complete the job to the highest standards.

We don’t just take care of your asphalt- we take care of you.

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