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The Importance of Concrete Curbing For Your Parking Lot

Concrete curbing is the border surrounding your parking lot, helping to confine cars to the designated parking area, reduce the likelihood of a vehicle veering off the pavement, and minimize damage to your landscaping. Your curbing ‌is one of the first things people notice when visiting your property or place of business, and if broken or damaged, it stands out like a sore thumb. Not only is broken or damaged, curbing unattractive, but it is also a tripping and safety hazard that can create an unnecessary lawsuit for you as a property owner.

With new, quality concrete curbing, you can enhance your business or commercial property’s curb appeal, impress visitors, improve parking lot functioning, and reduce your risk of safety liabilities.

Professional Concrete Curbing Services in Seattle

NYS Enterprises is pleased to serve commercial property owners in Seattle with professional concrete curbing services. While many other paving companies do not offer this service in-house, we proudly say we do. With NYS, you get access to our team of seasoned professionals that go above and beyond to leave you with the perfect curb for your unique property. We’re selective in who we hire, ensuring all our NYS paving contractors are experts in this field and can provide our customers with the best finished product.

Types of Concrete Curbs

With our concrete curbing service, we offer two different types of curbing: extruded and poured in place. The extruded curb is run through a machine and uses different molds to create various shapes and sizes. Poured in place curbing is a heavier duty alternative to extruded curbing, and is typically used in industrial parks with 18 wheelers that hit curbs frequently. Poured in place curbing is much stronger and offers much more protection than what is needed for your typical commercial lot.

We also offer curb and gutter, which is formed and poured with concrete. This type of curbing is typically used on streets and sometimes residential properties, not commercial properties. Contact us today to have our expert team of paving contractors come out to take a look at your property and assess your curbing needs. No matter the size or scope of the job, NYS can handle it all in-house.

Check Out Our Concrete Curbing Projects

Complete Your Parking Lot Paving Project With New Curbing

Laying custom curbing is the finishing touch on many asphalt and/or concrete jobs. At NYS Enterprises, we routinely lay extruded curbing as part of our asphalt and paving services. Whether it’s for landscape retention, drainage assistance, or aesthetic value, extruded curbing is extremely efficient and a valuable investment for property owners.

We offer a wide selection of different sized and shaped molds, providing our customers with a great variety of distinct profiles. Our experienced NYS paving contractors can also handle the more difficult task of repairing and restoring damaged or crumbling concrete curbing for older or worn-out parking lots.

Our Clients Love Us

Jeff Sweazea

I have worked with Nys Enterprises since 2008 - approximately 15 projects. Nys' pricing has always been fair, and their timeliness and quality of work have exceeded my expectations.

Randy W.

The resealed and re-striped parking lot looks better than I could have imagined and my tenants are extremely happy.

City of Edmonds

The new coated roadway will enhance and be appreciated by everyone visits the Edmonds Memorial Cemetery for years to come.

Brian Ducey

NYS and their staff were professional, thorough, and competitively priced. Our sealcoating job was done on time and looked great at completion.

Leticia Carvalho

Really enjoyed to work with! The office and crew are very good and sure I would recommend to anyone.

Guy P.

I would recommend this company to anyone...My driveway is the envy of the neighborhood!

Cyndi C.

We have a gorgeous asphalt driveway! I would not hesitate to refer them to any of my customers.

Barb Cummins

We are the Small Guy. Nys Enterprises took care of our project like we are the Big Guy.

Trust NYS With All Your Concrete Curbing Needs in Seattle

Concrete Curbing FAQs

How much does concrete curbing cost?

Each curbing project is different, meaning the cost will vary. Once we learn more about individual project specifications and what type of curbing you are interested in, our crew will provide you with an estimate. Hire NYS as your paving contractor and you’ll recieve full transparency when it comes to pricing

How long does concrete curbing installation take?

Concrete curbing is installed after your asphalt project is complete. Installation time will depend on a variety of factors, including how big your parking lot is and what type of curbing you want to be installed. Generally speaking, concrete cubing installation can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Why should you have concrete curbing?

High-quality concrete curbing is a smart investment for any commercial property owner who wants to enhance the curb appeal of their parking lot while also enjoying the numerous practical, functional, and safety benefits it offers.

We don’t just take care of your asphalt- we take care of you.

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