About Us

Building Relationships while Paving

NYS is the name you can trust with all of your parking lot needs today and tomorrow. Your investment starts here. It is this simple notion that keeps our clients happy and returning for continuous projects.

40 years ago, NYS Enterprises started on the promise of delivering high quality, cost effective asphalt and concrete solutions with a smile and no stress for our customers. We know that our team members are the most valuable asset we have. Our excellent team provides the highest customer service and satisfaction this industry has! Today, we strive for the same thing. We build and maintain strong relationships with all of our customers and can be trusted with all of their asphalt needs. We not only pride ourselves in the value we bring to the industry, but in the way we connect with our clients.


Above all else we respect our customers and their property. We prioritize your time and paving dollar to provide you the most timely and cost effective asphalt solution for your specific needs. We treat every job like it’s done on our own property.


We will never sell you a service that you do not need. We want to be as straightforward and effective as possible on all of our projects. We offer the best solutions for your unique situation, no more and no less.


We build relationships with our customers so that you trust us with your asphalt and concrete needs. We can provide quality service and guarantee that you enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy serving with you.


Not only do we pride ourselves in our high quality of work, but the high quality of customer experience. We want our customers to be stress free and assured that their asphalt needs are in good hands. We respect our clients and their property at all times and build lasting relationships that continue into the future.


We provide straightforward, no hassle work that means you can dedicate precious headspace to all the other things in your life. Worrying about the asphalt is our job, and we will provide you peace of mind knowing that the job isn’t just getting done, it’s getting done right. Our projects are a direct product and representation of us- we handle the headache so that you don’t have to (with some long nights and a lot of tylenol).

Stress Free Asphalt Solutions

At NYS Enterprises, we care about the people we work with just as much as we care about our work. When you call us, you will always speak with a person, not a robot, and will address all of your needs and concerns promptly and effectively. We strive to build the best possible connection with you so that the project you choose to undertake with us is comfortable, transparent and stress free.

When you work with us, we treat you like family and bring high value to every project.

Meet Our Team

Steve Nys



When you know Steve, you feel the passion! IYKYK. Steve loves solving the difficult problems of drainage and bringing creative and visionary solutions to our clients asphalt/ parking lot/ driveway needs.

Fun story: Steve took a $900 tax return 40 years ago and bought a dump truck. With no idea how to make rent or put food on the table, he went door to door to find clients that needed their driveways paved. Fast forward to 2023- Nys Enterprises is a preferred vendor for WA States Top Property Management Companies! Best believe, Steve is an added favorite in all our clients contacts. Outside of Nys Enterprises Steve enjoys golf, traveling and being by the water.

Nys Enterprises is blessed to have a President that keeps the vision alive every day and cultivates a family orientated culture with clients and team members. Relationships matter here!

Danyelle Nys

VP Business Development

Danyelle was hired on to fill a big void in Marketing and Proposal Management.

A touch of healthy rebellion and questioning the norm has been just the right amount of ingredients taking Nys Enterprises to the next level! How do we put into words the energy felt from Danyelle's vision and desire to shake things up?! In her past career endevours, Danyelle gained exposure in everything from estimating, project management, project coordinating, to accounting.

Marketing was a new challange she was ready to grab the bull by the horns and from day one implemented a path forward designing our new and evolving Marketing Plan. With intense focus around care for each and every client interaction, Danyelle maintain, creates and enhances our customer service expeirence. From Marketing to Business Development, Danyelle is the big picture thinker everyone hopes to find in the marketplace!

When Danyelle finds time to balance work and life, you will find her on her paddle board come summer time, hiking, or diving into some sort of new skill or topic she is excited to learn and inherit.

Gary Geddes

General Manager

Nikolas Wolf

Project Manager

The face says it all!!! Meet our Project Manager CIA! Nick was born and raised in Russia & relocated to the US during early childhood. Nick grew up working with his father living on a farm. The manual labor and hard work was instilled in Nick from day one. Ventured the route of culinary arts, spent the last few years in general contracting management working with asphalt and concrete and all things exterior, to now heading our Project Management Department at Nys Enterprises. Nick was brought on for his strong communication, planning, and customer service passions. When you work with Nick you are in great hands from start to completion of your project. Thank you Nick for the value you have added to the Nys Enterprises team!!

Kieran Browning

Sealcoat and Striping Estimator

We are incredibly blessed to have Kieran leading our Sealcoat and Striping division as our Foreman!

Kieran is local to the PNW born and raised in Edmonds, WA! After having a fun run working Sales in prior employment, he had a desire to get into the construction industry which led him to applying with Nys Enterprises! Kieran started as a laborer on our Sealcoat and Striping division, and quickly learned the in's and out's to orchestrate large commercial sealcoat and striping parking lot projects! Our customers know him by name, and it never fails we hear great things about Kieran's ownership to solve problems and treat each property as if it were his own.

Kieran is excited to continue his knowledge in the asphalt industry and dedicated to the value he brings to the team. Outside of Nys Enterprises, Kieran enjoys spending time with friends and camping!

Thank you, Kieran, for all your hard work! We are excited to support your career goals, as we are confident your value only goes up from here!

Kim Garland


Money does not grow on Trees!

Day in and day out Kim Garland does not get ENOUGH "credit" when it comes to the value added to our Accounting practices.

With a past, strong background running her own Accounting Services business, Kim came into Nys Enterprises and completely reorganized and established healthier bookkeeping.

Day to Day Kim is carefully focused on all accounting essentials such as our Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll.

Kim takes great pride in keeping Vendors happy and providing a peace of mind to our clients. Let's turn all this team momentum full circle shall we?:

Kim Garland originally funded the $900 payment towards Steve Nys's dump truck purchase, forgoing their rent payment that month, many years ago. If it weren't for Kim & Steves ambition to draw in some revenue in order to make the bills, Would Nys Enterprises be standing here today? Kim took the initiative to take accounting classes while Steve ran the sales show. Kim said to Steve "Well, Let's do this, Lets really start a business" & here she is back in the game 40 years later picking right back up, where she left off.

Funny how life can have its way, circling back around.!

Nevertheless, Credit needs to be given, where its due. Thank you for all your hard work!!

Lisa Swinton

HR & Administrative

Lisa is our glue and every day is Happy Administrative Professional Day with Lisa on the Team!!

Lisa hold downs the fort for HR and all Administrative Tasks it takes to truly keep our office functioning! With a diverse background working in customer service promoted to supervisor in the medical insurance field, working at the YMCA coaching kids sports and refereeing, and paying attention to major detail as a cage cashier in casinos, there is no challenge Lisa turns down to exceed client and company expectations.

Away from the office, Lisa takes any opportunity to be around her friends, family and boyfriend. Lisa values quality time nurturing her relationship with her children. Time with her family entails sporting events, watching movies and visiting them in school at WSU and PLU. Her son and daughter are truly her pride and joy!

Forever indebted, we sincerely applaud you Lisa!

Michelle Geddes

Marketing Coordinator

Henry Alvarez

Concrete Division Foreman

Ishmael Montes

Asphalt Division Foreman

Let's show some love & support for the guy Running the Show as our Asphalt Division Foreman!

"Ish" for short, but in no regards is anything "Ish" the second a Work Order lands in his hands. It's Go Time!

I want to work for Ishmael! His leadership is a synergy and without this crucial role and his determination to pave the way, we would be faced with bigger challenges.

Ishmael had an existing background in landscaping and 4 years of asphalt Constuction prior to starting and growing into our Foreman Role. Married for 11 years and three beautiful kids, he is raising an asphalt crew just as beautiful and represents Nys Enterprises values In honesty, relationships and dependable, to his core!

Ish loves to fish! & His kids soccer games happily fill his schedule when he's not casting a line or getting his hands dirty every chance he gets to work.

Ishmael, Thank you, seriously, for being here!!

Alex Nys

Asphalt Lead

Fagalele Vaimili

Asphalt Division Lead

Drum Roll Please....... !!!!!! Here we have Fagalele S Vaimili! Nickname: "Cholo"

Cholo is our Lead in the Asphalt Division! Born and Raised in American Samoa, located in the South Pacific Ocean, Cholo came to the States determined to find a better way of living! With the biggest heart of gold, striving for financial stability to support his family village back home, Cholo leads not only by example, but never takes a day for granted to contribute to the success in every project.

During weekends or time off, you can always find Cholo grilling it up on a BBQ, listening to any kind of music from Country to Hip-hop and he loves to spend time in the Gym or playing Volleyball.

I'll leave you with a piece of his own words, that will truly speak for itself. "I have been in the states for 12 years and worked 3 different jobs. Then I came to Nys and all my prayers answered. Nys always is there when i need it and i will try to make my career here as long as I live."

Cholo, from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate you more than words can ever explain. Keep on, Keeping on!!!

Aaron Jerden

Driver and Operator Lead

Get use to this smile!!

Aaron Jerden, Certified Class A CDL Driver, shows up every day happy and with the best attitude! As the Lead Driver & Operator. our operations would be nearly impossible without Aaron's skillsets and his true enjoyment for operating equipment. Aaron came with a background in food delivery, now "hungry" for success in the construction industry! The name to the game with Asphalt is Water Flow, and Aaron enjoys these challenges and wants to keep learning the full picture, outside of solely operating!

Aaron's value is not just experienced and skills, but character. There is no one that Aaron cannot work side by side with.

When we allow Aaron any spare time, He finds more happiness in playing Disc golf, and has quiet the set up for camping!

Thank you for your leadership Aaron!!

Richard Hodges


About Us

Community Outreach

NYS Enterprises cares about people and the community above all. With every job, we hope to create better spaces for communities. We are proud to contribute to the Matt Talbot Center and their important mission of helping individuals recover from addiction.
Our Seahawks truck is a staple that brings just as much happiness to us as it does to our community. We find great joy in using it to participate in benefit auctions to raise money for the Matt Talbot Center, and giving kids the opportunity to ride home in our Seahawk truck with a player from the Seattle Seahawks. In addition, a portion of all leads generated by the Seahawks truck are donated to the Matt Talbot Center.