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If you notice small cracks on your commercial parking lot or residential driveway, you should realize that this issue is quite common. After all, cracks develop naturally as your pavement ages and becomes exposed to water and other outdoor elements. 

The good news is you can protect your asphalt pavement with professional crack sealing from NYS Enterprises. This maintenance technique helps to seal up cracks before they have time to expand, thus helping to increase the lifespan of your asphalt. Keep reading for more information on crack sealing for your commercial and residential pavement. 

What Causes Asphalt Cracks

There are a number of reasons cracks may develop on your asphalt driveway or parking lot, including: 



Water is the number one cause of pavement damage. If water makes its way into your pavement, it can slowly but surely erode the foundation. When your foundation becomes weak, it may create an uneven surface with depressions that turn into major cracks and potholes in time. This erosion also allows rocks, sand, and other materials to wedge their way into your asphalt, creating further stress on existing cracks. Wet pavement can also pose serious hazards that lead to accidents and injuries.


UV Exposure

While the sun offers many benefits, the heat that radiates from it often penetrates into the pavement and causes problems, such as cracks and webbing. UV exposure can also fade and deteriorate the top layer of the pavement and leave your property looking worn and unsightly.


Oil and Chemical Spills

Any vehicles that enter your home or business may spill oil and other chemicals on your pavement. If you don’t take care of these spills soon enough, you can expect discolored patches, cracks, potholes, and other imperfections. Since dried spills are tough to remove, it’s important to deal with spills as soon as you notice them.

Types of Asphalt Cracks

Not all cracks are created equal. In fact, there are many different types of asphalt cracks that each have their own causes. Here’s a look at several of the most common ones.

Edge Cracks

Edge cracks can usually be found along the inside edge of a pavement’s surface within a few feet. Factors like poor drainage and no support at the edge may result in these types of cracks, which should be resolved immediately.

Slippage Cracks

Slippage cracks appear in the shape of a crescent or half-moon. When brakes or wheels from vehicles cause the surface of the pavement to slide and deform, slippage cracks may pop up. Left untreated, slippage cracks may turn into larger cracks that quickly cover the entire surface of the pavement.

Transverse Cracks

Transverse cracks are usually perpendicular to the centerline of the pavement. The most common cause of them is the shrinkage of asphalt layers. These cracks typically require a sealant or overlay replacement.

Alligator Cracks

Also known as fatigue cracks, alligator cracks are interconnected cracks that look like alligators or other reptiles. Poor drainage and the deterioration of a weak base can all lead to alligator cracks. While alligator cracks are not too difficult to repair, they do require more than a crack seal treatment to fix. If you notice alligator cracking in your driveway or parking lot, reach out to NYS Enterprises for a permanent solution.

Asphalt Stripping

When moisture sits on the bottom layer of the asphalt, the aggregates will pull away from the binding agents that keep the layer together. The lower layer can then fall apart and damage the upper layers simultaneously.


If you ignore cracks, water is sure to eventually seep into the layers of the asphalt. If the water repeatedly expands, contracts, and freezes, cracks may become potholes. Not only can potholes damage vehicles, but they can also increase the risk of accidents and injuries on your residential or commercial property.

Widespread Cracking

Similar to the creation of potholes, if small cracks are left ignored, water and other sediments will seep into them, causing further expansion. Widespread cracking on your asphalt driveway or parking lot is not only unattractive but leads to the overall degradation and destabilization of the surface area.

What Happens When You Neglect Asphalt Cracks

At first glance, a small crack in your pavement might not seem like a big deal. The reality, however, is that if you ignore it, it will likely expand. Factors like vehicles, foot traffic, and exposure to various weather conditions can weaken the surface around the crack and leave you with a serious issue. If you let cracks remain (even if they’re small), you may face a variety of damages, such as:

Crack Seal is Your First Line of Defense

If you’d like to keep your property in optimal shape, we recommend you inspect your asphalt driveway or parking lot for cracks on a regular basis. A good rule of thumb is every six months, but more frequent inspections may give you some additional peace of mind.

In the event you do notice cracks of any kind, we advice you to reach out to us right away for a crack sealing treatment. If even the smallest of cracks are left neglected, they can further expand, creating widespread cracking and deep-seated potholes. By filling up cracks with a crack seal when you first notice them, you can save yourself the stress and frustration of having to deal with expensive repairs down the road. Simply put, crack sealing is the cheapest, easiest way to protect the integrity of your asphalt and save money in the long run.

Rest assured, our highly skilled and experienced paving contractors at NYS Enterprises can handle all your crack sealing needs. You can count on us to thoroughly clean any cracks and apply a hot rubberized crack sealing material with a squeegee. This will protect the crack from moisture penetration and expansion.

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