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Parking lots, which can be located in retail centers, hospitals, restaurants, schools, banks, and just about anywhere else, undergo a great deal of vehicle and foot traffic each and every day. Plus, they’re exposed to a variety of harsh weather conditions, like wind, sunshine, and storms, that can damage them over time. Therefore, it’s important to maintain parking lots and keep the people that use them safe and sound, reducing your chances of accidents and liabilities. So what exactly causes parking lot breakdowns? Read on to learn about the top six reasons parking lots break down.


Harsh Weather Conditions

In a perfect world, the weather would have no impact on commercial parking lots. The reality, however, is that sweltering heat and freezing conditions can take a significant toll on them. While UV rays are known to penetrate the binder that keeps asphalt and concrete material together, freezing conditions can expand cracks and potholes. Fortunately, weather preparation and routine maintenance can help you minimize some of the damage caused by a variety of extreme weather conditions that are outside of your control. This includes which includes proper seal coating, crack sealing, pothole repair, and winter maintenance packages.


Dirt, Debris, or Engine Oil Spills

Busy parking lots are known to break down over time due to the accumulation of dirt, debris, and engine oil spills. Not only do oil spills lead to unsightly stains, but they also weaken the parking lot’s asphalt or concrete. When dirt and debris build-up, damage in the form of cracks and potholes is sure to arise. The good news is a seal coating treatment combined with regular cleaning and maintenance can help you prevent parking lot breakdowns that stem from dirt, debris, and engine oil spills.


Low-Quality Drainage System

A quality drainage system is essential for commercial parking lots. If you don’t have one, your parking lot may face standing water any time it rains or snow. The more time the standing water sits on your parking lot, the more damage it can create. Standing water often causes divots and cracks that eventually become deep-seated potholes. It can also weaken your property’s foundation and put your business at risk of flooding. With a professional paving company like NYS Enterprises, you can ensure you have a good quality drainage system in place and avoid costly repairs down the road. We utilize french drains and catch basin systems to help drain excess water and protect your parking lot’s asphalt.


Ineffective Sealants

A sealed parking lot can prevent weather and water damage. However, not all seal coating is created equal. If your parking lot contains cheap sealants, you may notice issues such as water seepage or vegetation growth. By investing in a professional seal coating service, you can reduce the risk of damage in the future, as it protects against water, oil, and sun exposure. At NYS Enterprises, we are selective in the sealants we choose and are meticulously thorough in our application process, tailoring it to your individual parking lot condition and requirements.


Heavy Vehicles or Machinery

Is your parking lot frequently exposed to heavy vehicles or machinery? If so, don’t be surprised if the heavyweight leads to breakdowns. After all, while parking lots are often able to accommodate heavyweight, there’s often a limit to how much they can handle. If a large piece of equipment is continually parked in the same space in your parking lot, the asphalt may break down over time. The same applies to the amount of traffic your parking lot endures. A high amount of vehicle traffic leads to increased wear and tear on the asphalt surface. While you may not be able to prevent heavy vehicles and machinery from entering your parking lot, you can maintain your lot regularly to combat the damage.



Just like most structures, parking lots require maintenance. If you forget to maintain and repair your parking lot, it is bound to break down at a faster rate. Failure to seal coat, prepare your asphalt for winter, remove debris, and repair cracks or potholes will all lead to the eventual degradation of your asphalt. Although you can tackle some maintenance on your own, it’s in your best interest to leave these tedious and time-consuming tasks to the professionals. Here at NYS Enterprises, we are experts in parking lot maintenance and would be happy to keep your lot clean and protected against damage for years to come.

Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Repairs or Maintenance

There are a number of signs that may indicate your parking lot has sustained some damage from the reasons listed above. Here are four tell-tale signs that signal your asphalt parking lot requires professional attention:


Cracks are a common form of parking lot damage. They can be sealed easily with a crack seal when they are small and caught early on. However, when you ignore a crack or don’t notice it for a while, you may have to resurface the pavement. For this reason, it’s important to keep your eyes out for cracks and resolve any that you find sooner rather than later.


When the soil underneath the pavement expands and contracts, potholes often make their debut. Not only can potholes take a toll on the curb appeal of your parking lot, but they can also pose a serious safety hazard for pedestrians and vehicles. Contacting your local asphalt maintenance company is your best bet for thoroughly and effectively repairing troublesome potholes in your parking lot.

Drainage Issues

Water damage that comes from heavy rain, snow, or heavy vehicle use can cause uneven pavement. Even though pooling water doesn’t always mean your pavement needs to be replaced, the issue should be handled as soon as possible. A professional company like NYS Enterprise can investigate your lots and recommend drainage solutions, such as catch basins, french drains, or slope adjustment.


A faded, weathered look can interfere with the aesthetic of your parking lot. However, more importantly, it can also hinder its structural integrity and make it dangerous to use. While routine maintenance and sealing can prevent parking lot damage from the sun, oil, water, and chemical spills, significant fading may signal that more attention is needed.

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If you’re ready to keep your parking lot in tip-top shape, you need a team of paving professionals by your side. That’s where NYS Enterprises come in. We offer custom maintenance plans to help you to repair and maintain your parking lot, helping you avoid any accidents and extend the lifespan of your asphalt. Contact us today for more information on asphalt maintenance in the Greater Seattle area!

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