A proper sealcoating easily doubles the life of your asphalt paved surface. Asphalt is vulnerable to the elements. Exposure to sun, wind, and water causes your pavement to harden and dry out, leading to cracking and further deterioration. Sealcoating combats this breakdown by providing a waterproof membrane over your pavement.
Our cutting-edge sealcoating process utilizes a spray and squeegee technique, which translates into high quality and increased longevity. Whether simply filling minor cracks or sealing entire parking lot surfaces, you can confidently look to NYS to fulfill all your seal coating needs.
Whether you’re investing in a durable, well-protected asphalt surface or are just restriping your lot, you’ll want a high caliber striping job. Striping quality refers to both functionality and aesthetics. Expert layout and striping promote the functionality of parking surfaces through the effective and efficient use of available space. On the visual side, as frosting is what you see on a cake, so striping is what you see in a parking lot. The aesthetic avalue of your property is highlighted with a well-done striping job.

Our 3000 psi airless Graco machines deliver crisp, straight lines with consistency. We use only WSDOT traffic paint, the longest-lasting paint available. Our custom stencils and layouts are designed to your specifications. With our professional and talented operators, your striping work is in experienced hands.