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Why Choose NYS?

Our dedication to providing expert Kent asphalt services means you get the best possible outcome and experience no matter what your needs. We have over 40 years of experience serving the community and perfecting our customer care techniques for maximum satisfaction. You get a clear and customized plan, answers to your questions every step of the way, and the most experienced and skilled asphalt experts dedicated to serving you.

Our Services

The list of asphalt service types we provide covers everything a commercial property may need. From laying new lots to ceiling cracks and preventing water damage to building curbs and painting stripes, we have you covered with the highest quality asphalt around.



Whether you are building a commercial site for the first time or need complete restructuring of parking lots and roadways within one, we offer customized services that suit your needs. Enjoy a unique approach that takes immediate and long-term use into account when planning and putting down the asphalt surfaces.

You get sturdy solutions for everyone who comes on the property. Consider adding custom curbs that help protect grass and landscaping, manage traffic flow, and give the final polished look to your asphalt lot.


Crack Seal

If a crack forms in asphalt, one of two things occur. Either the crack gets larger until it disrupts traffic flow, attract dirt and debris, and even starts growing weeds, or it becomes a network or spiderweb of cracks that causes similar problems. Both look bad, make driving or walking unpleasant, and cause additional problems to happen rapidly. Maintain your asphalt lot properly with regular crack seal services from the experts at NYS Enterprises.

Striping and Seal Coat

After filling cracks and making repairs, nothing looks better than a fresh seal coat to regulate the color and provide additional protection against traffic and weather. Finally, you need striping services to regulate traffic flow and provide parking opportunities for site visitors, employees, and customers. Together, these asphalt services present the best option for keeping your property looking like new.

Drainage Help

Improve drainage from all asphalt surfaces with intelligent design and refurbishment that helps channel water away so it does not have a chance to cause erosion or other serious problems. No one wants to walk through a giant puddle on your parking lot, and a cascade of rain across the road may damage landscaping or make driving treacherous. We use our decades of experience and expertise to reduce these problems and minimize risk now and in the future.

Discover what NYS Enterprises can do for your commercial property. Call our experienced team today to start the process of building or revitalizing your parking lots, drives, and curbs.

Our Clients Love Us

Jeff Sweazea

I have worked with Nys Enterprises since 2008 - approximately 15 projects. Nys' pricing has always been fair, and their timeliness and quality of work have exceeded my expectations.

Randy W.

The resealed and re-striped parking lot looks better than I could have imagined and my tenants are extremely happy.

City of Edmonds

The new coated roadway will enhance and be appreciated by everyone visits the Edmonds Memorial Cemetery for years to come.

Brian Ducey

NYS and their staff were professional, thorough, and competitively priced. Our sealcoating job was done on time and looked great at completion.

Leticia Carvalho

Really enjoyed to work with! The office and crew are very good and sure I would recommend to anyone.

Guy P.

I would recommend this company to anyone...My driveway is the envy of the neighborhood!

Cyndi C.

We have a gorgeous asphalt driveway! I would not hesitate to refer them to any of my customers.

Barb Cummins

We are the Small Guy. Nys Enterprises took care of our project like we are the Big Guy.

We don’t just take care of your asphalt- we take care of you.